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Organizing your Refrigerator

With everyone staying home, it seems like the one place that gets the most traffic is the kitchen and more importantly, the refrigerator. As we all spend more time at home than ever before, we are cooking a whole lot more and working to limit our trips to the grocery store. As we work tirelessly to keep our homes, hands, and frequently touched surfaces clean it is important that we don't forget to clean and organize our refrigerator.

Organizing your refrigerator helps to make things more visible to cut down on food waste as well as help you get a better picture of what you actually have before heading to the grocery store.

Step 1:

Clear some space in your sink and on your kitchen counters then gather some cleaning supplies. You will need a clean bucket filled with warm water and a multipurpose cleaner or a few capfuls of white vinegar, two clean cloths, storage bins if you have them, and a pair of gloves. Grab a cooler and fill it with some ice for perishable items that you want to keep cool while you're cleaning. Don't have a cooler? Clean in sections and place items that

may spoil quickly in the freezer for the few minutes that it will take to get your fridge clean and organized.

Step 2:

Begin by removing items from each shelf and tossing anything that is spoiled or that you are certain you will not be using. If you have a composting bin, now is the time to put those food scraps or fruits and veggies that have started to go bad to good use. If you, like so many others, have caught the gardening bug, save the things that can be used to sprout veggies like celery, lettuce, carrots, and onions.

Step 3:

Remove the shelves and use one of your cloths to dip into your bucket of cleaning solution and wipe your shelves. Give them a quick rinse on both sides and dry them with the second cloth. As you replace your shelves, think about how you would like to store your items and adjust the shelves as needed. You may choose to make room for larger bottles at the top and smaller containers in the middle.

Step 4:

Group similar items together so they will be easier to find and stack things to save space . Use the storage bins that are located inside the refrigerator door to store condiments and jars of ingredients that you frequently use when cooking.

Speaking of storage bins, they are one of the easiest ways to organize your refrigerator and make it a more refined space. You don't have to break the bank to make your refrigerator look more organized. A quick trip to your local dollar store can make this project a quick budget friendly way to get creative with maximizing your storage space in a sleek and appealing way.

Step 5

Create a space front and center for your snacks. Pre-cut veggies, fruit, apple sauce, yogurt, or any other refrigerated snacks should be placed in a space where they are easy to see and grab for a quick bite. This cuts down on unnecessary rummaging through the fridge and will help your hard work last a little longer.

Maintaining your space is easy and takes just a few seconds a few times each week. Simply wipe down surfaces, handles, and doors at the end of each night or when spills occur.

An clean organized refrigerator makes managing your eating habits and shopping budget a whole lot easier.

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